The winners of the fourth generation of the Lighthouse of Knowledge have been announced

Jan 29, 2022

The final event of the fourth generation of the Lighthouse of Knowledge was held at the end of November in Vršac after three months of project implementation. The participants had the opportunity to present to the expert jury the projects they had worked on diligently in the previous months with the support of mentors. The expert jury is composed of representatives of Erste Bank, the Embassy of the United States of America in Belgrade, the marketing agency MPG and the Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation.

The team that received the highest marks from the expert jury and the audience is the team from Belgrade with the “Taboo Diary” project. The project is on the topic of public health with the aim of educating and informing young people about getting sick from work diseases, as well as pointing out the importance of prevention. As the winners of the fourth generation of the Lighthouse of Knowledge, Erste Bank provided a first place award worth 300,000 dinars for the project.

The second-placed team comes from Sabac with a project on the topic of tourism – “Sabac upside down” with the idea of organizing digital tours through the sights of the city of Sabac. The third place went to high school students from Nis with the project “Reproductive health on TI!”, Within which they plan to launch shows on the Youtube platform, which will deal with topics related to reproductive health.

Teams that were also in the top six teams of this generation are the team from Leskovac with the project “Leskovac Science Festival”, the team from Vranje with the project “VIA Vranje” on tourism and the team from Krusevac with the project “”

The best six teams continue to work on projects through public presentations with the help of which they present their projects at the local level in order to

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