Youth activism

Through the program area of youth activism, ASK encourages young people to actively participate in all areas of social life through capacity building, personal and professional development through projects aimed at solving problems through public advocacy at both local and national levels. It encourages the continuous development of both young and entire local communities as well as the economic development of society as a whole through its contribution to strengthening participation in society.

Youth activism


  • Development and improvement of knowledge and skills programs related to active advocacy in society;
  • Development of information programs for young people;
  • Increasing the participation of young people in various forms of formal and non-formal education;
  • Empowering young people to take active, responsible and effective management of their careers;
  • Encouraging the development of young researchers, scientists, athletes, artists and innovators in order to accelerate economic growth and prosperity;
  • Promotion of the concept and idea of activism;
  • Developing an Alumni Network and an educational program for members in order to continue education after projects and capacity building.

Since 2019 ASK has started implementing the project Lighthouse of Knowledge, within the program area of youth activism.

Lighthouse of Knowledge is a team competition of 60 high school students from 15 local communities, who through creative and educational months of work acquire knowledge and skills related to the basics of project management and become active members and examples of positive change in their community.

Topics covered during the project are tourism, public health, ecology, social activism, as well as culture and art. The project has been implemented for five years and preparations are underway for the sixst generation of the project.

In the previous period, we built an active alumni network with 300 members, which additionally included 60 mentors, as well as numerous lecturers and trainers. The Lighthouse of Knowledge project has been implemented for the past two years under the auspices of the US Embassy in Belgrade, the RS Ministry of Youth and Sports and with the support of numerous companies, embassies and organizations.

For more information about the project itself, visit the site – Lighthouse of Knowledge

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