Charity work

Humanitarianism for the Association for the Affirmation of Culture is not just giving – material or logistical assistance, or a response to humanitarian crises and community needs.

The most important act of solidarity is the maintenance of human dignity through the achievement of goals of a philanthropic nature, such as various charitable and educational activities that serve the common good and are in the public interest. Through additional forms of charity, ASK strives to help develop the most vulnerable group of citizens -children and young people, through the now traditional manifestation And you are Santa Claus. Through this project and cooperation with partner organizations Rotary and Rotaract Club Belgrade Skadarlija, we had the opportunity to work with several companies such as Plazma, Coca-Cola HBC, Swiss lion, Flama Fructis (GoG), Marbo, MPG SouthEast Europe, UNI- CHEM d.oo, Deus digital drivers d.oo, Karakal d.oo and many others and so we have helped a large number of young people in the past eight years.

In 2020. With the help of numerous donors, legal entities, and individuals, we managed to provide over 900 packages for children from Belgrade, Pančevo, Sopot, Kragujevac, Niš, Subotica, Sremska Mitrovica, and other local communities.

Our humanitarian action continued for the ninth year in a row, and now in 2021, we continued with the action “And you are Santa Claus”. This year, we have achieved incredible success – we have made over 900 packages for children who need our help the most in 19 institutions from 12 cities in the Republic of Serbia. You can find more details about who we helped and how we made their holidays better in the news, or by simply clicking here .

You can support our future actions with donations or by supporting us through social media.

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