ASK brings together exceptional individuals, among accomplished professionals as well as among talented young. We believe that the value of knowledge is greater when it is shared. That is why we nurture a culture of learning and sharing knowledge and we are ready to offer our skills to you.

Our team has top consultants in its ranks who have been achieving notable results in the market for a long time and are recognized as leaders in their activities. Under the auspices of ASK, their expertise complements and forms the basis of our portfolio.

What can we do for you?

1. Education (in our or your space):
Fundraising strategy and grant portfolio management
-Project development – validation of project ideas, development of project intervention logic, access to funding sources, development of project proposals and budgeting
-Project writing

2. Production and organization of events:
-Organization of cultural and educational events (workshops, seminars, conferences, presentations, promotions)
-Organization of teambuilding, corporate events and celebrations
-Creative solutions, offer and selection (themes, titles, visuals, etc.)
-Recording and production of podcasts
-Recording and photographing events with video production
-Production of online and hybrid (combination of online and live) events

3. Consulting services:
-Writing projects
-Create project budgets
-Project Management
-Financial management for associations and entrepreneurs
-Establishment of associations and other legal entities
-Implementation of Zero Waste principles in food production
-Revision of project proposals and pre-evaluation
-Analysis of the tender offer / validation of project ideas

This is just a basic list of our services that we can customize and combine in a way that best suits your needs.

For additional information and details of our future cooperation, our contact is available – [email protected] or you can contact us via the contact form online form here.


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