Youth employment

Through the program area of entrepreneurship, ASK supports individuals to respond to the challenges of (self) employment or progress in business and private plan through the development of entrepreneurial ideas and business plans. ASK emphasizes the importance of both lifelong learning and the development of knowledge and skills related to entrepreneurship, but also career management to enable young people to facilitate the transition from education to the world of work. Indirectly, the continuous development of both young people and entire local communities is encouraged, as well as the economic development of society as a whole through its contribution to strengthening the employability of young people.

Youth employment


  • Development and improvement of knowledge and skills programs related to entrepreneurship;
  • Capacity building of young entrepreneurs, with special emphasis on marginalized groups and young people from underdeveloped local communities;
  • Creating a resource hub for all young entrepreneurs;
  • Promotion of the concept and idea of entrepreneurship.

ASK is implementing the project  Academy of Youth Entrepreneurship within the program area of youth employability.

The Academy of Youth Entrepreneurship (AOP) is a project created for young people who want to start, create or improve their business or idea, and want to learn from the best. It is a completely free educational program within which selected young people work on their development
entrepreneurial ideas and business plan. The project has been implemented for two years and preparations are underway for the third generation of the project.

The established alumni network numbers 40 young entrepreneurs, and a model is currently being developed according to which other young entrepreneurs would be accepted into the network in order to further strengthen and enrich it.

In the long run, the Academy is planned as a regular one-year educational program for entrepreneurs, after which students would receive certificates, and it would be a resource center for all young people interested in the topic of entrepreneurship. The first two generations of the project were supported by the RS Ministry of Youth and Sports, the Embassies of Denmark and Israel, as well as numerous domestic and foreign companies.

For more information about the project itself – the Academy of Youth Entrepreneurship

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