Environmental Protection

Through this program area, ASK encourages citizens, companies and organizations to actively participate in segments related to environmental protection, identifying problems and finding ways to solve these problems, all through educational programs to raise awareness of its importance.

The continuous development of both young and entire local communities as well as the economic development of society as a whole is encouraged through the contribution to strengthening active participation in society.

Environmental Protection


  • Developing awareness and behavior of young people, businessmen and other citizens in the spirit of sustainable development, environmental protection, as well as the preservation of natural heritage;
  • Preventing and reducing risks to the health of citizens that may come from the environment;
  • Providing conditions for active participation of young people in decision-making related to environmental protection;
  • Raising awareness of the importance of environmental protection, and creating a social climate about ecology as a national priority;
  • Collection and consolidation of environmental data, their processing and preparation of reports on the state of the environment and the implementation of environmental protection policy.

During 2021. We continued to work on environmental protection through the Green Economy of Serbia project.

Active projects

Green economy of Serbia


We are implementing the project in the municipalities





The Green Economy of Serbia is a project created with the aim of bringing the Zero Waste principle closer to local governments, the economy and citizens from two administrative districts, ie three local governments. With the support of the Open Society Foundation, it is planned to produce info brochures and information campaigns, develop models of economic support and train local civil society organizations.

The green economy of Serbia is also our biggest project in the field of environmental protection. We carry out our mission in raising awareness and educating about the Zero Waste principle and regulating the problem of organic waste through several stages.

1) Development of an information brochure and educational campaign for micro and small businesses – The information brochure contains information on the legal obligations of organic waste producers as well as instructions on how to properly dispose of generated waste. The brochure is intended at the primary level for micro and small businessmen from Užice, Pirot, Priboj and Kosjerić, and at the secondary level for all interested persons.

2) Development of a model of knowledge support program and proposal for piloting in two administrative districts – Insufficient and inadequate education on efficient use, reuse and processing of organic waste are a key challenge facing entrepreneurs. Therefore, we are implementing a system of providing expert support to the local economy through a business support program.

3) Training of local civil society organizations and promotional campaign for citizens and all interested actors in the process – In order to support the participation of citizens and civil society organizations in local decision-making processes, the public policy expert will hold a series of 4 lectures for CSOs and individuals involved in the process of preparing project activities. In this way, the level of knowledge of those interested in the proposed changes and the methodology used to develop local policy documents is raised.

Environmental Protection

Realized projects

During 2020. ASK implemented the Zero Waste and Green Economy of Serbia projects in the field of environmental protection.

The project “Zero Waste 2020” was implemented by ASK with the Food Technology Council of Serbia with the support of the Secretariat for Environmental Protection of the City of Belgrade and the Youth Office of the City of Belgrade. The aim of the project is to raise awareness of the importance of pre-food waste and popularize the Zero Waste way of thinking and acting.

The project created a “Study on the application of Zero Waste model in the case of food waste in the city of Belgrade”, realized a series of educational lectures for young people and initiated a discussion with restaurant managers and food producers gathering them in round tables and directing them to think about disposing of their waste.


The project “Green Economy of Serbia 2020” is designed to bring the “Zero Waste” principle closer to local governments, businesses and citizens, in order to further align Serbia with the obligations of Chapter 27 for Serbia’s accession to the European Union. The project is implemented with the support of the Belgrade Open School through information for the local economy and local administration, data collection and processing and preparation of guides to improve production with expert visits and educational campaigns.

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