Recorded podcast series “Good business is heard far and wide”

Jan 29, 2022

During April, May and June we recorded the first season of the podcast “Good business is heard far and wide”

The podcast “Good business is heard far and wide” was created with the desire to help young entrepreneurs realize their ideas, as well as to motivate them to take the first steps in starting their own business.

Each episode covers a different topic such as digital marketing, healthy lifestyles and even social entrepreneurship. Among the interlocutors were young entrepreneurs and finalists of our project ” Academy of Youth Entrepreneurship “, as well as people with exceptional experience in the topics covered in the podcasts themselves.

The podcasts were filmed in the premises of the KAS Education Center, which provided us with a pleasant and quiet atmosphere for filming, as well as complete and modern technical equipment for filming.

The first season of the podcast is available on the Youtube page of the Association for the Affirmation of Culture.

The project “Academy of Youth Entrepreneurship: Good business is heard far and wide” is implemented by the Association for Affirmation of Culture within the project “YOUTH: Alliance for Media Literacy and Digital Significance” with the financial support of the European Union.