Bodie Dilber lives on! Public presentation of the project of the second-placed team of the seventh generation

Feb 1, 2024

The young leaders from Bajina Bašta, Ivana Leontijević, Sara Radovanović, Minja Lukić and Đorđe Dimitrijević, won the title of vice-champion of the seventh generation of the Lighthouse of Knowledge with the “Body Dilber” project, on which they dedicatedly worked for three months.

The “Body Dilber” project deals with the topic of public health, specifically the combination of physical and mental health through the creation of healthy lifestyle habits among high school students.

The task that the project should fulfill is to increase the awareness of high school students about healthy habits and exercise through the campaign, to create the opportunity to engage in physical activity at school and to show them that physical appearance is not the most important thing.

The team from Bajina Bašta will present their project to their fellow citizens February 6, 2024 starting at 12 noon.

Event location : Startup Center in Bajina Bašta at: Slavko Petkovića no. 59.

Entry is free for all interested parties.

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