Entrepreneurship 101 for NEET youth from Leskovac

авг 7, 2022

During July, the second series of lectures on entrepreneurship for young people from the NEET group was held in the premises of the Youth Club in Leskovac.

The workshops were held within the project “ Entrepreneurship 101 for young people from the NEET Group“ implemented by the Association for the Affirmation of Culture with the financial support of the Ana Foundation and Vlade Divac.

During the workshops, participants had the opportunity to educate and inform about the basics of entrepreneurship through lectures that touched on the legal and strategic aspects of entrepreneurship as well as finance and administration.

The goal of the project is to empower young people from the NEET group to take the first steps in their careers and start their own businesses, as well as to educate and inform them about the basics of entrepreneurship. Through two-day workshops, but also with mentoring support, we will work directly with young people from Sabac, Leskovac, Pirot and Cacak , and then launch a learning platform that will be publicly available, related to the topics of entrepreneurship and youth employability.

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