The Master Seminar of the Academy of Youth Entrepreneurship 2.0 was held

Jan 29, 2022

After the successful opening of the second generation of the Academy of Youth Entrepreneurship and the Accelerator held, a Master Seminar of 16. to 18. October 2020 years on Fruška Gora.

At the Master Seminar, the selected teams had the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of entrepreneurial ideas, listen to excellent lecturers and meet their mentors live – Milica Malešević and Danilo Grbović. At the opening ceremony, the lecture was given by Michael Mizrahi on the basics of project and process management, where our participants had the opportunity to view interesting content and participate in the discussion. During the second day of the seminar, participants listened to lectures on crowdfunding, brand building and how to get subsidies for their own business as well as to participate in inspiring Speeddating workshops. On the third day of the seminar, Milica Malešević and Relja Dereta held trainings for our participants on negotiating and public presentation of business ideas.

After the Master Seminar, the Closing Ceremony will take place, where the participants of the Academy will have the opportunity to present their business plans to the expert jury and investors.

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