Official List of Approved Projects – BOLD Small Grants Program

Oct 19, 2023

In order to encourage civic engagement and economic development in local areas, a committee consisting of representatives of the Embassy of the United States of America in Serbia (which finances the project) and representatives of ASK (which is the implementing partner of the Embassy) made the final decision on the selection of this year’s winners.

The BOLD Program aims to empower young people in Serbia to become economic and social leaders, ready to unite with each other in order to face the most important challenges.

In this way, we would like to thank everyone who applied and encourage and encourage young people to apply in the next cycle. This year, 97 applications were received for the funding competition, which aroused great interest, and the committee selected the 10 best. We congratulate the young people who are the bearers of the winning projects and wish them luck and success in implementing their ideas.

Below you can see the list of selected projects, and in the coming period we will inform you additionally about their plans and how they will contribute to the goals of the BOLD Program.

  1. Nina Macarević – “Retraining program for QA testers “PreobuQA!”
  2. Vukašin Pavlović – From trash to cash
  3. Mladenka Ostojić – “Web series for young people “Understand me”
  4. Anđela Janković – “Laboratory of small cultural programs”
  5. Jelena Anđelković – “Youth Security Forum 2023”
  6. David Šujdović – “Youth for your city – Get active, be active”
  7. Vladimir Panić – “Sustainability is the right fit!”
  8. Monika Ajvazović – “Knowledge is property – political education of young people”
  9. Aleksandar Mijailović – “The importance of decentralization and the promotion of multicultural values ​​among young activists”
  10. Aleksandar Plavšin – “STARTUP SHOWER – Academy for educating startups in the field of marketing and sales”

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