The sixth generation of the Lighthouse of Knowledge was launched

Aug 2, 2022

The Lighthouse of Knowledge is a traditional competition for high school students that gathers young people from 15 cities in Serbia
with the aim of devising creative projects for the improvement of their local community. Young people write projects
which will directly respond to problems in the local community on one of five topics – ecology, tourism,
culture, public health and social activism.

The sixth generation of the Lighthouse of Knowledge started at the end of July with a three-day seminar in Palić,
where teams of high school students had the opportunity to meet their peers, coordinators and
mentors as well as to acquire basic knowledge about writing projects and start working on their ideas.

The project is implemented with the financial support of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, Erste Bank in Serbia and the Bambi company.
As the Lighthouse of Knowledge is an incubator of young ideas and has been giving wind at the backs of high school students for more than five years, we dedicated a special session at the opening seminar to correspondents. The portal itself was created as an idea of the alumni of our project who decided to independently create a space where young people will have the opportunity to write about the topics that interest them the most.

After the seminar in front of the teams, there is still a lot of work to be done. The ideas they came up with during the event should
turn them into implementable projects, while mentors and coordinators will maximally help them to implement their ideas
realize and persevere in the ideas they have outlined.

The work on developing the ideas that the teams came up with in cooperation with expert mentors will last two months, i
includes weekly webinars that chronologically follow the development of each team’s ideas. Progress checks
organize three times during the program, while the teams themselves connect through a special program
“partner teams” to encourage a culture of togetherness and helping. Final
The projects will be presented at the final event of the Knowledge Fair in October, where the teams will
present their works in front of an expert jury, which will consist of representatives of successful companies that
operate socially responsibly, humanitarian foundations, media and organizations they have developed
incentive programs for youth activism and entrepreneurship.

Whether their idea wins the Lighthouse of Knowledge 6.0 or not, all teams will
program have ready projects that they will be able to present as a local youth initiative in their