Jan 29, 2022

The New Year is a time of magic, a period when, staring at the sky, we wish ourselves the little piece of the puzzle we are missing. The New Year is a morning view of the Christmas tree under which we find the time of our loved ones in choosing the little things they give us, which they believe will mean something to us. The New Year is our full heart as we watch an excited child take off his bow with his mouth open and clumsily tear a piece of paper from a colorful gift, from which he will probably not be separated all day.

Children are most looking forward to the new year. All children. But there are also those to whom Santa Claus does not knock on the door, who do not have a Christmas tree and who do not receive gifts. No one.

Let’s not let the magic of the New Year bypass a child! At least not the ones we know won’t get them if we don’t help. Join the action “And you are Santa Claus”.

The action “You are Santa Claus too”, initiated by Rotary and Rotaract Club Belgrade Skadarlija in cooperation with the Association for Affirmation of Culture, is intended for children from the Inn in Zvezdara and New Belgrade, protégés, COCI – Care for Children from Sopot, and protégés Society for Cerebral Palsy and Childhood Paralysis of Šumadija from Kragujevac.

The action started with a trip to the Inn, in New Belgrade and Zvezdara, where the children painted and wrote their New Year’s wishes to Santa Claus. The idea is to buy gifts based on children’s letters and drawings. The award ceremony will be held on the 27th. December at the Children’s Cultural Center, when in addition to the award ceremony, a children’s surprise show will be held. The action was also supported by the Children’s Cultural Center, OKO Theater and the Organization of Serbian Students Abroad.

You can participate in the action “And you are Santa Claus” in the following ways:

– by donating a package according to the wishes of the children from the letters to Santa Claus
– a monetary donation, from which the material for the packages will be purchased

– by buying a ticket for a New Year’s show

You can see children’s wishes in letters to Santa Claus here: