Jan 29, 2022

As part of the New Year’s Story shopping fever in the Stadium Shopping Center, the Association for the Affirmation of Culture held a creative workshop “Children’s Magic”. The aim of the workshop was to evoke the magic of the arrival of the New Year, seen from a children’s perspective. The children had the task of wishing their loved ones a happy New Year by making a greeting card. In order to invoke the real magic of the upcoming holidays, the children were invited to participate in making Christmas tree decorations. The girls made New Year’s glittering jewelry.

The creative workshop was also an opportunity to present the humanitarian action “And you are Santa Claus”, which consists of collecting New Year’s packages for children from the Inn in Zvezdara and New Belgrade, as well as protégés of COCI – Care for Children from Sopot and protégés Society for Cerebral Palsy and Childhood Paralysis of Šumadija from Kragujevac.