Jan 29, 2022

British Council in partnership with the RS Ministry of Culture and Information 12. and on June 13 in the “Club of People’s Deputies” in Belgrade organizes a conference “Marketing and communication of cultural institutions in the digital age.” The conference will talk about how digital technologies have changed every sphere of life, including the attitude towards culture.

Through various panel discussions and lectures, this conference aims to analyze the position of various cultural institutions and present examples of “digital transformation” that some of them have gone through. The conference will be attended by directors of national, regional and local cultural institutions, their colleagues in charge of public relations, as well as representatives of creative agencies from Serbia and Great Britain. On behalf of others, he represented major world stars and institutions such as Van Morrison, Cliff Richard, Cirque de Soleil, Three Tenors, Led Zeppelin, Eddie Izard, Bolshoi Ballet and Michael Jackson. dedicated to the position of culture in the media. Editors-in-chief and cultural editors of leading media outlets will also be invited to this session. During the seminar, examples from Serbia will be presented, as well as guests from the Tate Modern Museum in London and the Culture 24 platform. More information at