Contest for volunteers – WE ARE EXPANDING OUR TEAM

Apr 3, 2023

The Association for the Affirmation of Culture ASK announces a competition for new volunteers, in Belgrade, due to the expansion of project activities and increase in the scope of work.

Join the ASK team, start as a volunteer!

Improve communication skills; Gain knowledge about business correspondence; Master the basics of MS office and digital marketing and gain valuable experience.

This is also an opportunity to contribute to society through initiative and activism!

Volunteer tasks and responsibilities:

The volunteers’ tasks are mostly reduced to handling registration lists and similar documents at trainings and seminars; communication and coordination to groups of participants at events; recording of short, spontaneous videos that are used for social networking purposes; research and collection of Internet content and other similar tasks that help project managers and coordinators to implement certain project segments more efficiently. Carrying out tasks may involve traveling with the project team outside of Belgrade, i.e. throughout Serbia.

Volunteers answer to the project manager for the tasks received, and all duties are delegated according to the offer principle, because volunteers can accept as many duties as priorities such as school, studies and of course their interests and will allow.

All students who make it to the shortlist of candidates will be invited to initial training lasting 5 days, during which they will improve or increase their business communication and correspondence skills, the basics of digital marketing, and work in basic MS office programs.

The training is conducted at the ASK Education Center, at the address Topličin venac no. 11 – Belgrade.

At the end of the training, we will evaluate the interest of the candidates for volunteer work in our organization, and select a certain number of the most successful ones to perform occasional business tasks, within the projects we are working on.

ASKa’s mission is to develop future young leaders who will become active bearers of positive changes in their local communities in the future. In addition to the project activities, ASK developed the ASK Education Center, so that the association could provide additional capacities for the development of knowledge and skills to all future supporters of the society.
Our mission is reflected in the aspiration that our motto “We are already changing the world” becomes the motto of all young people in Serbia. We want to grow and develop ASK through our programs together with everyone who recognizes us as a partner of young people, on whom they can rely during the affirmation, promotion and development of humanity, youth activism, youth employability, informal education and environmental protection.

Competition duration: from 03 to 18 APRIL 2023.

Send resumes to the address: [email protected]

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