On January 11th, ASK- Association for Affirmation of Culture, with the support from Rotaract Club Skadarlija in Belgrade organized the donation of 183 gift packages to the wards of two children’s organizations in Kragujevac: for Cerebralpolasy and Paralysis Sumadija and the Association for Multiplesclerosis. The previous year ASK and RTC successfully cooperated and organized “You Are Santa Clause Too”.

ASK had through its friends donations provided the material needed for the 118 gift packages as well as the transportation of the same (Thank you Vlada from Epic CV). The Rotaract Club Skadarlija financed the transportation to Kragujevac.

The gifts were shared by ASK’s Own Santa Igor to the enormous pleasure of the children and parents of both the Kragujevac Organisations. Our hosts thanked us for the most interesting contents of the packages as well as for the extra materials for any other they chose to make and the extra school supplies for the centers to use at their own will.

Almost all the gift packages given to the wards of these two Organizations contained:

  • Toiletries (soap, toothbrush and paste, towel)
  • Plush toys (two small ones or one big one)
  • Toys (a doll for girls, a car for boys and an additional toy)
  • Creative items (a set of markets, color pencils, crayons, pencil case, drawing pad, paints…)
  • Clothing items (a hat, pair of gloves, scarf, socks)
  • Sweets (We did not have too much but made sure that everyone got something sweet.)

We can freely say that we are extremely satisfied with this event, the warm welcome of the hosts, and especially the positive energy that came from the children receiving the gifts. We were also profusely thanked by the parents and the cares.

Nakon uspešno podeljenih paketića, razgovarali smo sa direktorkama oba društva o njihovim potrebama, i mogućnostima za dalju saradnju. One su nam naglasile da je uvek bilo kakva pomoć dobrodošla. Kao posebnu potrebu istakle su neophodnost nabavljanja mobilnog, prenosivog, medicinskog aparata koji bi koristili prilikom obilaska stićenika koji nisu u stanju da posećuju prostorije društva.

After the sharing of the gifts we talked to the directors of the two organizations and their needs and the possible further cooperation. They said that any help is always welcome. As a priority they mentioned the need of acquiring portable medical appliances for those who are unable to come to the centers.

In the late afternoon we left Kragujevac happy, fulfilled and richer for an unforgettable experience.

Should you wish to help our friends from Sopot or wish to meet them or to cooperate with them, feel free to contact us through our Contact page or call directly, any of our team members.

Thank you in advance.

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