In order to make the wards of “COCI” Child Care from Sopot happy, ASK has joined the traditional action of Rotaract Club Belgrade Skadarlija “You Are Santa Clause Too”.

RTC Skadarlija organized the collection of goods needed for Christmas/New Year’s packages for our friends from Sopot. ASK made sure that every package had an additional package in it to make the festive season sweet and happy. The packages were full of candies, chocolate, toys and cookies. To make the packages even sweeter our friends from PRIMA International School of Belgrade helped by providing big chocolate Santas

On the morning of December 28th, we started off to Sopot. About thirty boys and girls waited patiently for our arrival. Surely they would have been more excited if someone in a red suit and beard arrived instead of us but… However, Santa did give away the packages and any nervousness that the children may have had soon disappeared. There was music and laughter, playing and photos being taken. It was a beautiful day filled with children’s laughter. Everyone enjoyed themselves, the children, their parents, the cares from COCI as we did ourselves.

While the children were opening their presents we had a chance to talk to the director of COCI Child Care. He talked about their problems and we promised to help as much as we could in the future. RTC Skadarlija and ASK have promised to help COCI in their enduring fight to provide a future to the children with special needs that they deserve.

Should you wish to help our friends from Sopot or wish to meet them or to cooperate with them, feel free to contact us through our Contact page or call directly any member of our team.

Thank you in advance.

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